Uploading PowerShell modules

Hi! I have tried to publish some modules i have made. I always get some errors like it is missing
manifest and this and that… Can someone walk me through the procedure? Its been a long time
since i have been working on getting one of my modules up, so i dont remember exactly where
the modules are uploaded and also how to see list of PowerShell modules that i can import as
well… Its a far fetch question but if someone has some information regarding this then please, send over :slight_smile:

Moving post to the correct forum.

It’d be helpful if you could share the error messages rather than making us guess ;).

You may also find this helpful: https://mcpmag.com/articles/2016/08/04/upload-a-module-to-the-powershell-gallery.aspx

Ok i Will use the correct forum. By the Way, i broken down your book into powershell scripts and text files disecting the scripts in av very easy readable and understanding way😀 i world very much like to send it to you, i Just use it for my own purposes… I really got so much out og the book powershell in av month og lunches!! Its a Great book and i understand powershell in a whole different way than before. Can i Just ask what the URL for gallery is? Tanks mate