Problem publishing non-monolithic script module to local PowerShell Gallery

I have been building my script modules using the non-monolithic script module design following the way Mike F Robbins does it. Each function is in a separate PS1 file that is dot-sourced from the PSM1 file. I really like building my modules this way, but I am having an issue publishing to a local PowerShell Gallery when I have 7 or more functions in the Public folder.

Summary of how I build my script modules:
• Create new script module scaffolding using custom Plaster template.
• Add functions to a folder named Public.
• Update module version and FunctionsToExport section in manifest.
• Use PsDeploy or Publish-Module to deploy to a local PowerShell Gallery.
• The local PowerShell Gallery is just a folder on my data drive G:\JnPowerShellGallery.

If I copy 6 (or less) functions to the Public folder and update module version and FunctionsToExport section in manifest, I can publish the module successfully.
Example: FunctionsToExport = ‘Get-Test1’, 'Get-Test2 ', ‘Get-Test3’, ‘Get-Test4’, ‘Get-Test5’, ‘Get-Test6’
This works fine: VERBOSE: Successfully published module…

If I simply copy a 7th function to the Public folder and update module version and FunctionsToExport section in manifest, the publish will hang.
FunctionsToExport = ‘Get-Test1’, 'Get-Test2 ', ‘Get-Test3’, ‘Get-Test4’, ‘Get-Test5’, ‘Get-Test6’, ‘Get-Test7’
This will hang at ‘VERBOSE: Performing the operation “Publish-Module” on target…’

This is how I am publishing my module to a local PSGallery.
Publish-Module -Path ‘G:_temp\JnTestModule’ -Repository JnPowerShellGallery -NuGetApiKey ‘AnyStringWillDo’ -Verbose -InformationAction Continue

Here is a Dropbox link to my test module.

Mike F Robbins blog post.

I am so close to building my first release pipeline for my PowerShell modules, but I am stuck at this point.

Does anyone know what might be causing this issue?

is Get-Func1.ps1 a script or function ? and can you share the psm1 and 7th function definition if possible ?

If you’re dot sourcing the functions into the PSM1 file, you should be referencing the functions by function name, not by file name. When the module is imported PS will see all the functions in the module manifest, so all you should need to set is the RootModule and the FunctionsToExport (by name of the function, not the file it’s in).

I updated my post with more specific information and added a download link to my actual module that is hanging with 7 functions. If one function is removed, it will publish successfully.