Upgrading xPSDesiredStateConfiguration


I’ve deployed my DSC pull server with xPSDesiredStateConfiguration version and everything is working fine. There is a new version out so I’m just wondering what the process would be to upgrade xPSDesiredStateConfiguration to that version?

Since it’s just a module I would assume downloading the module would be sufficient? I wouldn’t need to redeploy the DSC resource that created the pull server? I assume I would if there was some major chances to the xPSDesiredStateConfiguration that made functionality changes to the service endpoint at which point is there an upgrade process?


I’ve opened an issue on github before about the same thing, requesting new versions come with an upgrade script so I wouldn’t lose the data already recorded in the database.

At the moment I just remove the pull server and reinstall, which also forces re-registration to occur.

Even if you try to stay up the pace of the fast releases and read all the changes, I’m not going to start rethinking every 3 months if the changes affect me or not, I just run a script to remove and a script to reinstall, hoping my original request is implemented later in the future.

Suggest you join the discussion on github and use UserVoice to forward your issue. The more people write about their issues and “pains”, the more likely the PS team will put the issue at top of the list of things to implement.

Some of the PS team roam these forums as well, hopefully one of them reads this too :wink:

Thanks for that Arie. Are you able to post a snippet of the script you are using so I can see what it’s doing and see if it’s worth the effort?

I mean in some cases it would be good to upgrade but so far the only difference between 3.8 and 4.0 is a couple of cmdlets that I could get some use out of but aren’t really something that seals the deal about me actually jumping on the update.

I’ll go chime in on github and vote on the uservoice because there certainly should be an easy upgrade path that doesn’t require rebuilding the pull server.

Not to the level I can share it due to internal data, but it basically removes the application pool and removes the folder where the web site was created, removes the content of the DscService folder under Program Files\Windows PowerShell and then removes the DSC windows feature.

Just a reverse process of what happening inside the xPSesiredStateConfiguration module when you use it to create the pull server

Ah cool no problem. With those steps I can knock up something myself. Thanks.