Pull server woes (pullserver.svc does not exist)

OK, after having an easy time making custom modules and and configs, I’m banging my head up against a wall getting something setup that seems like it should be very straight forward: a HTTPS pull server.

Installation seemed rather easy enough:

Then a simple trip down “Sample_xDSCWebservice” to plug in my cert thumbprint (yes its installed in the computer personal store).

The install went with no hiccups and looked to be running… but it’s not.

As of right now, with mofs checksummed (is that even a word?) no clients can pull any modules. Instead my application logs is loaded with errors stating “/PullSvc/PSDSCPullServer.svc does not exist”.

clients attempting to download MOFs basically give a generic 0x1 error. While traveling down troubleshooting lane I made the following tweaks all to no avail:

  1. modified the web.config of both the pullserver and compliance server, as they seem to have invalid dbprovider and dbconnectionstr entires (not pointing to devices.mdb)

  2. Added anonymous authentication to the complianceserver (it had NO authentication enabled).

Annoyingly I can push no problem … so i know the basics are working … but this pull server is so poorly documented I can’t even figure out where to begin to look for issues beyond IIS logs which havn’t helped. I’ve seen vague references to certificates having issues causing this problem (in the forums here) … but I can’t find any kind of authoritative documentation that says “make sure you cert has this format” referenced anywhere … so Im just using a simple internal PKI issued UCC cert with a (both host name and “dsc1.contso.com” in the SAN)

Anyone have any advice on how I can look into “pullserver.svc” and figure out how to manually configure it?

You know what? This should be a lesson to anyone out there:

Don’t Powershell after working 12 hours straight on home remodeling. As I type this the obvious occured to me “/pullsrv/” didn’t actually exist as a directory. I was pointing at the wrong place the entire time. For me the answer was simple:

the example pull server configuration script has an invalid URL listed … not just an invalid hostname. I had to change my url to DSC1.contoso.com/.com" and suddenly things worked.

I’m sorry I even opened this thread … but will leave it open for public flaying …