Update AD users

by nmuzic at 2013-01-30 06:19:39

Could someone help me with updating users info in Active directory?
I’m trying with following code:
[code2=powershell]Import-Module ActiveDirectory
$users = Import-Csv -Path c:\ADMIN\Users.csv -delimiter “;”
foreach ($user in $users) {
Set-ADUser -Identity $($user.SamAccountName) -Replace @{telephoneNumber = $($user.telephoneNumber); pager = $($user.Pager); ipPhone = $($user.ipPhone); facsimileTelephoneNumber = $($user.facsimileTelephoneNumber); mobile = $($user.mobile); physicalDeliveryOfficeName = $($user.physicalDeliveryOfficeName); department = $($user.department); description = $($user.description)}

csv file contains user data in the format:
jondoe;jon;doe;+xxxxxxxx;xxxx;+xxxxxxxxxxx;+xxxxxxxxxxx;;place;IT department;IT officer
I have problem with users that have an empty value for example “mobile” and doesn’t update any value for that user.

by Tadziz at 2013-01-30 07:47:50
I’m new in powershell but maybe this link can help you
http://blogs.technet.com/b/heyscripting … ctory.aspx

if you need to update users from your computer i would open new-pssesion and when update user using ad cmdlet :slight_smile: