The WS-Management service cannot process the request

Hello everyone

I discovered DSC the last few days now and have created a .mof file with no problems however when I run: Start-dscconfiguration -verbose -wait path_to_MOF I get the error below:

The WS-Management service cannot process the request. The service cannot find the resource identified by the resource URI and selectors.

+CategoryInfo :objectnotfound: (root/microsoft/…gurationManger:string) , CimException
+FullyQualifiedErrorID: HRESULT 0x80338000
+PSComputer: beftaki

Please note:

  1. The client is windows 7.
  2. It has .NET framework version 4.6.1 installed
  3. Cilent has WinRM set to receive requests and set up for remote management
  4. Disabled firewall

Could someone please help me overcome this error? Is there anything else I need to configure on the win7 machine?

Many thanks

sadly the “…” is cutting out some details, but it looks like the mof you generated is is referencing a resource that doesn’t exist on the box you are deploying on.

Did you generate the mof on the same box you are attempting to deploy to? Using WMF4.x servers will not look for or download modules when you push a configuration; The modules have to be downloaded and installed. So if you made the mof on one box … then used it somewhere else the modules will be missing.

Hi Justin,

I understand. thanks. The mof file was generated on a Windows Server 2012 and I am trying to apply it on a windows7 (64bit) PC. How can I get the basic DSC modules installed on a win7 machine?

I have downloaded the ,DSC Resource Kit (All Modules), zip file but there isn’t a ProgramFiles\WindowsPowerShell\Modules folder to unzip the content to on win7.

Is there another kit for win7? I’m a bit confused :S

You might start by reading through “The DSC Book,” which is free here on our Resources menu. That provides a good overview.

And you’re running into the significant differences between Win7 and later versions. While there isn’t a separate DSC Resource Kit for Win7, Win7’s default PSModulePath doesn’t include the Program Files location that DSC is designed for. You’ll have to create that path, permanently add it to the PSModulePath environment variable, and then it’ll work.

Keep in mind that while DSC was back-ported to Win7, DSC was designed for Win8 and later. Win7 is going to lack a lot of the PowerShell manageability DSC relies on. So a lot of the DSC Resource Kit modules won’t work on Win7, and there’s no easy way to make them do so. Part of what you pay for with Win8 and later is the better manageability - you can’t get 100% parity on Win7.


Many thanks for clarifying a few things in my head. I will change win7’s Module Path and
see what works and what doesn’t.

Thank you

Just an update on this post. Installing WFM version 5 on the target (win7) machine sorts out my problem.