The term 'install-module' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet


I did some cleanup on one of my Windows 10 PC. OK, probably too much clean-up, I agree.

Now, when I want to import-module, I get the “The term ‘install-module’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet” error message. On windows 7 or 8, the trick is to reinstall the WMF 5.1. However, that solution is not possible on Windows 10. Also there is no Windows Component to uninstall-reinstall in Add Remove Programs.

So, how can I repair Powershell or reset it to “Factory” without having to reinstall Windows 10?



Hi there,

Go to and search for PowerShellGet, select the module and then go to manual download tab and download the module manually, and then follow the link below…

Thank you.

Hi Kiran,

Thank you, it worked like a charm. I’ll be more careful in my next cleanup session.

Once again, many thanks!



Next time, if you want to clean up the modules, then do it from the list that you get it from Get-InstalledModule CmdLet.

Thank you.