Support PowerShell 5 Windows 7

Good day!
I own a Windows 7 Pro SP1 and am looking forward to when your developers will release version 5 PowerShell for Windows 7. tell whether the final build WMF 5.0 support Windows 7?

I’m not sure; that will be up to Microsoft.

So I want to know the official Microsoft’s answer to this question - tell me where to go, or is it a trade secret?

I don’t think Microsoft has an “official” answer to that question yet, though I could be wrong. When the product is released, we’ll know for sure. Until then, we’d just be guessing.

Microsoft’s official statement is that new versions of PowerShell will release, in technical preview, only for the current version of Windows. That new version of PowerShell will ship with the next version of Windows. Which older versions of Windows will be supported will be determined close to ship time.

In other words, right now, Microsoft hasn’t made a decision on what versions of Windows they will support for PowerShell v5. Their goal is to support a broad customer base, but the decision has not yet been made.

Microsoft will not have an official answer until they make the decision.

Don Jones, but did not yet know when will be available the final version of PowerShell 5? I was hoping that it will present at this summit, and I wonder whether it is collected and available for a limited number of testers or she is still in the developing HIV? As you well know, the release of the next version of Windows will not soon take place, but whether I believe that the work on PowerShell 5 is nearing completion?

Please understand that is not affiliated with Microsoft. We do not speak on behalf of Microsoft and can only repeat information that has already been made available to the public.

PowerShell v5 is scheduled to ship with Windows 10. We have not been given a date for Windows 10, except “later 2015.”

PowerShell v5’s technical preview is available for download to anyone, and requires Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2012R2.

I don’t have any further information for you, sorry.

Remember, I am in the beginning asked how to contact representatives of Microsoft, to obtain their official comments? How can this be done? And that is asked at the second forum, but I have not answered, and are engaged in formal replies, sorry. Please, throw off my PM contact information on how to contact officials Microsoft - developers PowerShell 5!


I’m afraid I don’t have any contact information for Microsoft representatives that could address your concern. Sorry.

I know this is a old topic but I thought I’d throw in my hearsay. On one of the podcasts, I think it was on DSC, a Microsoft rep said that they “usually” go back 5 versions in support. That’s not a definitive answer but it may be the best answer currently available.