Deploy powershell 5? Group policy?

What would be the easiest way to deploy Pshell 5? I am very interested in using the install-package functionality. Can you configure machines to get this through windows update?

PowerShell 5 is ABSOLUTELY BETA code and is NOT intended for deployment at this time. How you install it now is very different from how you install it when it’s finally released. I don’t think we should be discussing its deployment options at this stage. You definitely CANNOT install it through Windows Update, as it is extremely pre-release and NOT considered stable or production-ready.

If you were to deploy it to any production computers, even your own production laptop, you would be in violation of the software’s licensing agreement.

Well that’s me told :smiley: Thanks for the information. I have not tried to deploy any version of powershell via GPO yet but I think when it is released this will be the first it really interests me a lot.

MS tends to not put PowerShell into Windows Update; it caused problems with v3. But WMF is generally distributed as a patch, meaning you can deploy it via whatever mechanisms are appropriate. You need to exercise caution even when deploying a released version, because some enterprise software is intended to work with a specific installed version. Installing a newer version can break things.

It’s a shame that v5 is the first version to interest you a lot :). There’s an awful lot in PowerShell - it’s been around since 2006, remember. v5 isn’t expected to make massive new changes; right now it’s looking like OneGet is the headline feature. But past versions have introduced major technologies like DSC, workflow, and remoting - all of which are incredibly useful.

Good luck!

I may not have been clear enough, I have been using powershell since version 2.0. I have a folder with that many scripts in I thought about writing a script to find scripts :smiley: But because I support mostly small businesses with single or only a few servers I do not have as much use for DSC or powershell remoting. I have not read up on workflow much, I mainly use powershell for reporting system information and have started looking into using powershell with SNMP aswell.