Suggestions for parsing/editing CSV files on a per-value basis?

Okay, I have a difficult task here, and I have a general idea of what I’ll need to do.

I’m matching 2 values from one CSV against other CSV’s, and pulling a specific number from the other CSV’s into the main CSV, then adding that data to the line where the values were matched.

I have a CSV (CSV A) that I need to check for 2 specific values. Value 1, Value 2.

If Value 1 , with a Value 2 match, then $V12 needs to be appended.

If Value 1, with a Value 3 match, then - $V13 needs to be appended.


The $v12 and $v13 values will be coming from separate CSV’s, all stored in the same folder.

Value 1 exists in ALL CSV’s and is an identifier. Value 2 will be a variable between 1 and 10. Dependent on the value of Value 2, I will pull another number from CSV 2, let’s call it Value 4. Value 1 and Value 2 must match to pull the correct Value 4 in CSV B, the same goes for Value 1 and Value 3.


Value 1 row | Value 2/3 Row

1 2

1 3



Value 1 row | Value 2/3 row | Value 4 Row

1 2 .40

1 3 .50

So, I’ve gotten the gist of setting the data I’m searching for the first CSV.

import-csv $CSV1Path | foreach-object { $Value1 = $_.Column1 $Value2 = $_.Column2 }
My problem lies in now matching $Value1 across to the other CSV's, and pulling $Value3 from them according to the $Value2 data in the first CSV.

Should I use an array of some sort?



I thought we would have been further already … :wink:

Is this the same issue or is it a new one?