Help to match one csv column with a column in another csv file

I have a csv file called csvpaths.csv with one column called Path that contains a url path. I have another .csv file called analyticsdata.csv that has a column called Path. I want to read a record from the csvpaths.csv and compare it against the analysticdata.csv column called Path. If there is a match I want to write the row of data from the analyticsdata.cvs out to a csv file called matches.csv. If no match then loop to the next row of data in the csvpaths.csv file.
Appreciate any help… I’m a Powershell beginner.

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I have 2 CSV files. CSV file 1 contains a column called ‘Page’ that has a list of webpages URLs. I have a second CSV file 2 that contains the same column called Page along with columns ‘Page Title’ and Pageviews… This file contains all the analytics data. I have this script that does a Compare-Object. The intent is find a match with a record in CSV file1 to a record in CSV file 2 and write out to CSV file 3 the row from CSV File2. Right now the script writes out all the rows from CSV file 2.

$CSV1 = Import-CSV -Path .\GoogleAnalytics\AnalyticsData.csv
[array]$Header = Get-Content .\GoogleAnalytics\WebCadURLS.csv | Select-Object -first 1

$Fields = $CSV1[0].psobject.Properties.Name

$CSV2 = Import-CSV .\GoogleAnalytics\WebCadURLS.csv | Select $Fields

$Deltas = Compare-Object -ReferenceObject ($CSV1 | ConvertTo-Csv) -DifferenceObject ($CSV2 | ConvertTo-Csv) | Select-Object -ExpandProperty InputObject
$Header += $Deltas

$Header | Out-File ".\GoogleAnalytics\CSVDeltas.csv"

I think you are overcomplicating this. Try the following and inspect the result:

$CSV1 = Import-CSV -Path .\GoogleAnalytics\AnalyticsData.csv
$CSV2 = Import-CSV -Path .\GoogleAnalytics\WebCadURLS.csv 

$Deltas = Compare-Object -ReferenceObject $CSV1 -DifferenceObject $CSV2 -Property Page -PassThru