Silent install PowerCli 6

I have already spent more time on this than I dare to admit.

It seems like a fairy straight forward thing, install PowerCli 6.

The only official thing I could find was on PowerCli 5, maybe it’s different.

Here is what I have so far.

$powerCli = C:\Users\me\Downloads\PowerShell\PowerCLI\VMware-PowerCLI-6.0.0-3205540.exe

& $ENV:ComSpec /c $powerCli /s /v /qn

Any help?

I’d strongly urge you to ask in VMware’s forums. They’re generally very responsive, and it’s their product.

Good advice, I was thinking that while I was writing the post. I have been thinking I need to start to interact within this site more, so I decided to write the post anyway.

I am being asked to redesign our Windows Server provisioning process internally utilizing DSC (PowerShell Desired State Configuration), and yesterday, I was assigned to help design and build our first step into our AWS (Amazon Web Services) strategy. It’s a dream come true. I owe it all to the many great people in this community (PowerShell Community).

At the same time, it is a little scary and I know I will probably need more help than ever from all the great people who have proceeded me down these paths.