How to integrate powershell with other products like vmware.

I want to make a powershell script which moves a VM to a particular folder in vcenter and
checks if vmware tools is up to date or not and provides me the version of vmware tools.

Hmmmm … I don’t have experiences with VMWare but there is a Powershell module from VMWare - PowerCLI - did you take a look at it?

Thanks for the response. I will give that a try. What about other products, is there a way to call the API’s of other products through powershell?


You can do many things in PowerShell. VMware has exposed their APIs and the same is wrapped in a PowerShell module called PowerCLI. There are many other products which does the same.

If there is a product who doesn’t have PowerShell module exposed, you can try identifying the dll which they use an import(using Add-Type cmdlet) it to use the methods(public APIs) in that dll.

If there is a product who exposes some rest end point, you can use Invoke-RestMethod to get and post rest calls.

Thanks for the information. I will give it a try.