-Showwindow does not show full help when used for getting help

Hello Powershell Gurus,
I am beginner to powershell so pardon me if this is a lame question.
If I try to use

Get-Help Get-ADUser -Showwindow

This opens up a window but it does not have the detailed contents that I would usually see when I use:

Get-Help Get-ADUser -Full 

Is there a way to open up window for help and get the “full” help?

If you’re seeing this in PowerShell v5, this is a known bug. I’m not sure if the fix will make it into the PS5 RTM (which is coming up pretty soon, I think), but it’ll be patched at some point.

In the short term, you can just use Get-Help -Online instead, assuming you have internet access. It’ll open up the latest version of the command’s help in your web browser.

Thanks Dave.