Help Registry -ShowWindow

I’m not sure if this is how it’s supposed to work for this cmdlet, but it does not behave the same way for others. Using help or ‘get-help registry’ works fine in the console or ISE, but if i use the showwindow flag this is all i get:

@{DetailedDescription=System.Management.Automation.PSObject[]; Notes=; Capabilities=System.Management.Automation.PSObject[]; Drives=System.Management.Automation.PSObject[]; Synopsis=Provides access to the system registry keys and values from Windows PowerShell.; DynamicParameters=@{DynamicParameter=@{CmdletSupported=Set-Item; PossibleValues=@{PossibleValue=System.Management.Automation.PSObject[]}; Name=Type; Description=Specifies the data types to use when storing values in the registry, or identifies the data type of a value in the registry.; Type=@{Name=Microsoft.Win32.RegistryValueKind}}}; RelatedLinks=@{navigationLink=@{uri=; linkText=about_Providers}}; Filters=System.Management.Automation.PSObject[]; Tasks=@{Task=System.Management.Automation.PSObject[]}; Name=Registry; Category=Provider; Component=; Role=; Functionality=; PSSnapIn=Microsoft.PowerShell.Core}

Showwindow works if you specify a single cmdlet. If a search keyword returns multiple cmdlets, you wont get a window. Try " Get-Help Get-Service -ShowWindow"