Showing false in "isdomainjoined" when running Get-DHCPServerSetting

HI, Everyone.

Can I ask your guidance on what I did wrong (I am still new to PowerShell and still trying to learn. Please be patient with me). I have configured a server2 as additional DHCP server. I have join the machine into domain. I have confirmed that it was able to successfully join the domain by running Get-ComputerInfo.

[server2.homelabtest.lan]: PS C:\Users\administrator.homelabtest\Documents> Get-ComputerInfo | Select-Object -Property CSName,CSDomain,CSDomainRole

CsName  CsDomain        CsDomainRole
------  --------        ------------
SERVER2 homelabtest.lan MemberServer

But if I ran Get-DHCPServerSetting it says false on isdomainjoined:

[server2.homelabtest.lan]: PS C:\Users\administrator.homelabtest\Documents> Get-DhcpServerSetting

IsDomainJoined            : False
IsAuthorized              : False
DynamicBootp              : True
RestoreStatus             : False
ConflictDetectionAttempts : 0
NpsUnreachableAction      : Full
NapEnabled                : False
ActivatePolicies          : True

thank you in advance for any help.

Please wheny ou post code, console output, error messages or sample data format it as code using the preformatted text button ( </> ).
Thanks in advance.

The status you get for IsDomainJoined is not about the Windows OS it is about the DHCP service/server. You need to authorize it in your domain.

I’m actually not experienced with that topic as well. But here are some links I found as a starting point:

Hi, Olaf.

My apologies for not using the right format. I have modified my initial post.

Thank you for the links, I will take a look on it.