join to domain, done, but domain not active issue

Hi guys, little help required please…
If I add a hyper-v server to hyper-v DC in usual control panel\settings GUI, it joins ok, and I have a GPO to disable the Windows Domain firewall…and shows my domain as an ‘active’ domain and my GPO allows for pings etc…but, if I use powershell…
add-computer -computername XXXX -domainname YYYY and supply creds, yes it add’s to domain, applies GPO as domain firewall is then off, but doesn’t show domain as ‘active’ and I can’t ping the new addition?

I’ve removed the server from the domain, then re-added in the old school way, without powershell and it works ???
Any ideas how to specify the domain as active? really foxed with this!


The GUI is going a bit more work than just adding to the domain. You might try manually refreshing group policy, or restarting the machine again to get everything to “stick.”