SharePoint 2007 Copy List data to another sharepoint list.

I am trying hard to figure out solution to copy one of sharepoint workflow list from 2007 sharepoint server to another 2007 sharepoint server. I have been using tool to do it, but links in the list do not seem to work. Secondly all the created items have my name. I am looking for alternate option to do it by using powershell.

So far, I have copied all the 2010 ps1 scripts to 2007. and used all the import and export powershell script. So far no success. Could anybody please guide or help me resolve this?


SharePoint 2007 does not have have same level of PowerShell support as SharePoint 2010. Copying the scripts may very well not work. Because SP2007 has so little PowerShell support, PowerShell may not be the right tool for this job.

Agree with you. But I have to have make this working with powershell script. I have been trying with Dell Sharepoint Studio to do it. It does copy list items, but do not fix this links and original created by user name. I have tried Metalogix, it does work great but do not complete the whole job. So I am stuck with making this happen with Powershell.

I have had to make Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Sharepoint.Powershell work to fix this. I am working on it, so far no much success :slight_smile: