Exporting Excel data to Sharepoint

by cpancamo at 2012-12-08 09:15:36


I have a weekly report of staff emailed to me in an XLS format. On Worksheet2 (Global Staff), I have a list of staff (ColumnA) and what their positions are (Junior, Senior, Manager).

I need to upload this to Sharepoint weekly, sorted by role. So I put a filter on for Juniors, copy the contents of A and B, then paste to Sharepoint.

Is there a way to automate this via Powershell? I guess the requirements would be (taking Junior staff as an example)@

i. Get data: Pull data for ColumnA where ColumnB = JUNIOR
ii. Post data: Post data to Sharepoint site (http://work.company.com)
iii. Fill in attributes on Sharepoint site such as Group Name, Owner etc
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by DonJ at 2012-12-10 03:10:53
Probably not using native shell functionality. The SharePoint cmdlets I’m familiar with are for administering the server, not for moving content in and out. Depending on how SharePoint is set up, I suppose in theory you could use Invoke-WebRequest, but you’d have to construct the request yourself and that’s pretty complex.