Copy files from SharePoint on-prem to Online

So here´s the problem, i want to schedule a powershell job to copy files and overwrite from SharePoint-onprem to online AND the files metadata (both environments have the same structure).

What i’ve accomplished so far since the copying is done from the on-prem server (W2012 R2) with PowerShell V7 is the following.

Established connection with both environment:

$sourceSite = ""
$targetSite = ""

$targetConnection = Connect-PnPOnline -Url $targetSite -Credential $onlineCredentials -ReturnConnection
$sourceConnection = Connect-PnPOnline -Url $sourceSite -TransformationOnPrem -CurrentCredentials

I can get the file list of the source:
$files = get-pnplistitem -List [listname] -TransformationOnPrem -Connection $sourceConnection

Now to the tricky part… how the pip do i copy the file from the source to the target and toggle through all files?
I´ve done this with pages from on-prem and converted them to modern but i can´t seem to find with command to use. Could anyone assist?

Regards, Fredrik