Setting up ODBC Connections to SQL Server.

by jvanassen at 2012-12-03 05:36:01

(I posted this in SQL Server forum but thought maybe its best off in here, so sorry for repost)

Hi All

Just found this forum and decided to sign up as I want to make Powershell my next venture of study.

I recently got myself into my first IT job and have been working there for 6 months now. I’ve had exposure to many different areas SQL, Exchange, AD, vSphere etc. I’ve learnt the basics to each one through videos and reading and was going to pick one and learn it in-depth and get certified init however then my boss told me about Powershell. Iv watched some of Don’s videos onit as well as had a play around with it in a Server 2008 VM and decided to set my spare time for the next couple of months to learning as much as I can in Powershell and getting confident init.

One of the things i have to occasionally do at work is when a new database is created on a SQL Server, is go and setup ODBC connections on client PCs which connect and read from this database. At the moment i have to go into the Data Sources and set this up manually on around 15 PC’s and im doing this around 2 times in say 2 - 4 weeks. As you can imagine its annoying and takes a while. My boss is really the guy that implements any scripts we have and he has more important things on his plate than creating a powershell script for this when i can just go down and spend 30 mins doing it. However i want to surprise him and get this sorted so i have decided this has got to be the first script i create lol.

I’ve learnt the basics of powershell through a 4 hour classroom video i found on YouTube from Don (best presented study video ive ever watched, easy to understand) However i now want to get cracking with my ODBC script and im not sure where to start if im honest, I cant find any examples on the web.

I’ve looked through the commands on Microsoft ( … 19(v=vs.85).aspx)

However none of these commands seem to be working and also if i do "get-help odbc" it doesnt show me that any odbc commands exist. Ive updated to version 3 but it doesnt seem to recognise anything to do with odbc.

Please help, what am i missing here?
by RichardSiddaway at 2012-12-03 07:14:16
I’ve answered this in the SQL Server forum. Please don’t post the same question in multiple forums