Execute powershell commands via slack

Hi all,
I am tryong to figure whether i can execute ps scripts via slack command or even various powershell cmdlets via slack.
Based on my research i keep finding for the opposite which is to send messages from powershell to slack channel.
I am trying to create an automation on my channel via which with a slack command a ps script will be executed on remote servers.
Any help appreciated.
Thank you.

Believe that you are referring to a bot where you can type parameters in slack to call automation. This is really a Slack question rather than Powershell, but you can start here:

Create a bot for your workspace | Slack

GitHub - markwragg/Powershell-SlackBot: Powershell based Slack Bot using the Real Time Messaging API and WebSockets.

Powershell Slack Bot using the Real Time Messaging API and Web Sockets (wragg.io)

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Thank you very much for your answer. Indeed it most probably is a Slack question but i thought i gibmve it a try in an effort to be pointed to the right direction and thank you for that.

you could also take a look at poshbot, might be just what you want.