Scripting for Remote computers

Since I came from the technician side of things, I don’t know the first thing about programming. What I want to do is write scripts. Let’s say one of the tasks I do is clear the error report log on a computer. I would like to be able to write a code to do that. Then set up the script in my RMM tool. Once a week I can schedule that script to go to one of my client computers and run the task.

My first question is, will Powershell be the best language to learn in order to do this?

Ar least, Powershell is the most powerfull scripting solution you will find for Windows systems, Actually there is no way around when you plan to work with Windows systems for a while. Usually you achieve more with less code. Some good starting points you cann find here: Beginner Sites and Tutorials Especially the 2 Jumpstart courses, mentioned from Jeffery Hayes are really good.

Thanks Olaf Soyk I try to help out when I have a free time at work.

Fred Powershell will let you do it. If your new to PowerShell check out MVA’s

The ebooks on here are great too they have Powershell remoting.

This is another great guide for Scripting and making Tools with PS.