Launch a powershell script across networks

I am study to realize a powershell script using a function. a script that’ll allow me to recover all type of system, size of HDD, the computer name for each computer connecting to my LAN.

There are already inventory scripts like this all over the Internet that support remoting. The real challenge is to get PowerShell Remoting “WINRM” working on all of the devices you are wanting to run this remote script on.

Ask yourself if this is just a one time inventory check or if you truly want to enable remoting to do this more than once. If it is only once it may be faster to remote desktop to your machines and run the inventory check locally on each server.

The above script will do what you want but remoting is a whole other challenge. in the free eBooks section of this site you can download “The Secrets of PowerShell Remoting” eBook for free. It does appear that English is not your first language I wish I knew of some resources for you in your native language. Good luck!