Script to run Cleanmgr through an RMM

Can anyone point me to a place where there is script libraries for Powershell scripts to be run through RMM tools? I have one that someone wrote for me that does a few different things involved in weekly maintenance. I’d like one that just opens and runs Cleanmgr alone (part of my script) but it seems when I try to pull out that part of the script and run it, I didn’t do it right. The RMM says “successful” but it doesn’t show that it did anything on my test system.

I know the powershell command to make cleanmgr run, but that doesn’t seem to work through an RMM I guess.

Is this actually the same question you asked 4 days agao?

If the answer is “yes” - we’re still waiting for you to post your code correctly formatted. People helping in forums like this voluntarily. So you should spend the minimum efford to make their work with your issue as easy as possible. :wink:

Guessing is not a good idea for the topic IT. You may ask your question in a forum related to your RMM system. I’d expect it to be a piece of cake to make a built in Windows tool run by a professional RMM system. :wink:

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