SCCM application copy and modification of property values

Hi folks. I’ve been searching online on how to copy and modify a current SCCM application (not package) via powershell. Now i’m seeing options for export and import-cmapplication and set-CMapplication on technet but for the property fields, i’m not seeing an option to modify granular fields such as the “content-location” value which is within the “deployment types” tab for any given application property. I need to change the UNC path but don’t see an option within set-cmapplication to get this portion done. Can someone advise if this is even possible. I’m not asking for code, just direction if it’s possible or not. Thanks much

Unfortunately not, if I’m understanding the question correctly. System Center Software Deployment - sorry, I mean SCCM :slight_smile: - doesn’t yet fully expose everything via PowerShell.

Haha, thanks again for replying Don. I am able to pull several bits of info via a WMI call but it does not include the UNC path for the “content-location” as you already mention above. Thank you sir!

Just an update, it is possible to update the “content-location” for an application housed in SCCM using Powershell. Here’s the line of code needed below

Set-CMDeploymentType -ApplicationName “WinZip 7.8” -DeploymentTypeName “[INSTALL] WinZip 7.8” -MsiOrScriptInstaller -ContentLocation “\Server1111\stagedpath\application”