Configuring required application deployment in SCCM

Morning all,

I’ve taken on a new SCCM admin role in my work and trying to use PowerShell more when deploying applications to users. Using SCCM 1710 CB, Server 2012 R2, SQL 2016 Standard.

I’m trying to deploy an app as required and trying to modify some settings for the deployment that would be found on the User Experience tab in the SCCM GUI. I’m trying to put the checkmark beside the option to allow Software Installs to be performed outside of the maintenance window but I don’t see a parameter for this in the New-CMApplicationDeployment cmdlet.

Anyone have experience in setting this option via PowerShell?

If I got you right it should be -OverrideServiceWindow and -RebootOutsideServiceWindow. [untested] !! :wink: