robocopy file transfer to external server

I need to transfer files from one computer to a computer on another network using windows. The other computer requires user authentication. It currently works using rsync with Linux and a SSH key. However, I need to do this from a windows machine now. I am trying to do this with Net Use and Robocopy, but I keep getting a “System error 64 has occurred. The specified network name is no longer available.” from the net use command.

My current code:

net use \\IPC$ /user:pcname\Username password
robocopy “C:\directory” “\\folder\destination” /E
net use \\IPC$ /Delete

I have opened up ports 135-139 and 445 both UDP and TCP on the computer’s firewall and the router. Is there something else I need to do to the remote machine or add to my code? I did not set up the remote computer profile, but I am the current sole maintainer of it and can edit is as necessary.

Can someone please also clarify the following;

  1. I am assuming that using “\” in NET USE defaults to the user’s home directory. Is this correct? Or does it default to the C: drive?
  2. What is the purpose of the “IPC$”. I feel like I may be specifying this wrong.
  3. Can I use SSH with powershell and robocopy?

I am using powershell 2.0. I am new to powershell and networking, but not new to programming.

Thanks in advance.

Use the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)


Copy-item “c:\foldername” -destnation “\\c$\foldername” -credential (get-credential)

here is the same example using robocopy

RoboCopy “C:\homefolder” \\c$\destinationfolder /E /COPYALL /ZB /LOG+:C:\temp\RoboCopyLog.txt /TEE