Moving directory from one remote server to another

by ShawnS at 2012-08-28 14:31:08

I’m a n00b so my apologies if I’m asking something that has already been posted elsewhere.

I’m looking to build a tool for our Level 1 support team that can transfer terminated user account data from one file server to another. The Level 1 support staff has full NTFS permissions to the end-user data directories (i.e. roaming profile directory, GPO redirected data, etc.). However, they do not have access to log on to the file servers for obvious reasons. With that said, I would like to create them a tool to clean up terminated user account data to save them time and prevent a support ticket being routed to a system administrator. For example, an employee leaves the company, a request is sent to remove the AD user account from system. We want the Level 1 support staff to have the ability to run a script from their local workstation that will prompt them for the user account login of the end-user no longer with company. Then pass the entered information to the script and the script will then go to the specific server shares and migrate the user account directories to another windows server where this data is archived for a brief period of time. The user account login always matches the directory names associated with their account.
by DonJ at 2012-08-28 14:41:36
Newcomers are welcome here :wink:

This shouldn’t be a problem. It’s just a file copy - provided they can access the files in Explorer, they can get to them from a script. Personally, I’d script a robust tool like Robocopy vs. using PowerShell’s Copy-Item command, but that’s your call.