Reset SCOM 2012 Health State Monitor script needed

I am getting numerous SCOM Heath Monitor alerts for the following 2 conditions:

AD Domain Availability Health Degraded
AD Site Availability Health Degraded

I have searched the internet for scripts to reset them each all at once. I have found a couple of scripts and ran them in the SCOM Shell and they say that that are resetting the alerts but in actuality, they don’t.
The scripts I used were found at these 2 sites:


Does anyone know of a script that actually works for this purpose.

First of all let me say that I don’t think these active directory errors can be just scripted away. You can choose to not have SCOM alert on them or fix the underlying issue.

According to Microsoft Event ID 1603

Means you have an indexing problem on the actual domain controller and your AD Administrator will have to actually fix that problem. If you don’t find event ID 1603 on any of the AD Servers then you may have a false positive. it definitely sounds like you need to do some further discovery on your AD Servers and make sure everything is in good health. If you are in the military then I assume the SCOM Admin probably has no permissions to look at AD stuff because the Military is so compartmentalized unless it’s Navy but I’m guessing based on your profile picture.

Either way these to errors are more sensitive then something you would want to “script away”. You can either turn off the SCOM monitor or have the AD issues fixed by some one.