Recommended Training Resources

Hi guys,

Just wondering what your recommended training material would be for someone looking to get a firm grasp on how Powershell works including the latest best practise methods.

I’ve just finished the two courses on MVA and I have access to CBT Nuggets training videos but I was looking for any books/guides that you might recommend.

Many thanks in advance,

One good place to start is up in the resources section on this site. There are several free e-books written by some of the founders of this site.

Hi Callum!

There are some solid e-books mentioned by Curtis.

My thoughts:

  • Read a book. Those MVAs are fantastic, but don't give you the necessary depth, IMHO. PS in a Month of Lunches is a solid choice.
  • Use it every day. Even if just for a few minutes. You'll find yourself using it more and more often as you learn more.
  • Join the community! Twitter, user groups, this forum, etc. Don't just ask a question and leave, stay engaged, learn, and share : )

      Good luck!

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the suggestions, I now have a copy of PS in a month of lunches 2nd ed, that should keep me busy for a while!

The more I play around the more I realise how powerful/useful it really is. Yesterday I was struggling with a way to manipulate some data I had and I happened across the group-object cmdlet which solved the issue instantly!

Awesome stuff!