Publish-Module includes .git folder

I am working on a new version of my module, and after publishing to the PS Gallery, I noticed that the file list includes the .git directory. My project directory is 7mb in size, and within it, the .git directory is 6.5mb. I’d like to exclude it from being published to the Gallery along with my project files. I am using pwsh 7.2 and PowershellGet v2. My manifest explicitly lists the files to include, so I’m unsure why the .git folder is still being included.

Link to my project on the PS Gallery: PowerShell Gallery | AnyBox 1.0.0-rc2

My module manifest can be seen in the repo: GitHub - fresh2dev/AnyBox: The easiest way to develop apps for Windows.

When I publish, I’m doing nothing other than Publish-Module -Path .\ -NuGetApiKey ...

What am I doing wrong? Any pointers?