Problem in implementing Powershell Host

I am currently working on a powershell project which is a kind of IDE for powershell scripting coded in I am facing some major issues :-

1)I have overriden the PShost.enternestedprompt() method for constructing the nested prompts
2)Whenever a psbreakpint is hit the debugstop event handler is called and the in it the enternestedprompt() is called to create a nested prompt

The problem is that whenever i remove some psbreakpoints then they are successfully removed as one can view it from the console by issuing a powershell get-psbreakpoint command. But still the debugstop event handler is getting called for some of the removed breakpoints randomly.

P.S.-If u need any extra information plzz ask…
Any help would be great. !!!..thnx in advance

We don’t get a ton of dev-heads in this forum, which is why you’re not seeing any replies here. Sorry :(.