[Debugging API] Remote session debugging in PowerShell v5

Hi folks,

I’m playing with the remote debugging in powershell v5(preview) console by doing below, and it just works perfectly to me, the debugger breaks into the bp I set for the remote session.

PS C:\Windows\system32> Enter-PSSession -ComputerName localhost
[localhost]: PS C:\Users\zhiyd\Documents> Set-PSBreakpoint -Line 5 -Script C:\test\test1.ps1

ID Script Line Command Variable Action

0 test1.ps1 5

[localhost]: PS C:\Users\zhiyd\Documents> . “C:\test\test1.ps1”
Hit Line breakpoint on ‘C:\test\test1.ps1:5’

At C:\test\test1.ps1:5 char:33

  •                             $DateTime = Get-Date;
  •                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[localhost]: [DBG]: PS C:\Users\zhiyd\Documents>>

Now I’m trying to utilize the debugger API to do the similar thing for the my own PSHost(which in the below case, it is a console app), and I’m having trouble to have the debugger break into the breakpoint I set, here is the code snippet from my console app:

        WSManConnectionInfo connectionInfo = new WSManConnectionInfo();
        connectionInfo.OperationTimeout = 4 * 60 * 1000; // 4 minutes.
        connectionInfo.OpenTimeout = 1 * 60 * 1000; // 1 minute.

        using (Runspace runspace = RunspaceFactory.CreateRunspace(connectionInfo))  <-----------please note that this is a remote runspace
            runspace.Debugger.SetDebugMode(DebugModes.RemoteScript);  <-----------tried with different options like DebugModes.Default or None, none of them helps

            using (PowerShell powerShell = PowerShell.Create())
                powerShell.Runspace = runspace;

                runspace.Debugger.BreakpointUpdated += HandlerBreakpointUpdatedEvent;
                runspace.Debugger.DebuggerStop += HandleDebuggerStopEvent;  <---------------I expect this callback can be hit when the script file(with bp set) was invoked, but it was never hit

                // Set initial breakpoint on line 10 of script.  This breakpoint
                // will be in the script workflow function.
                powerShell.AddCommand("Set-PSBreakpoint").AddParameter("Script", "C:\test\test1.ps1").AddParameter("Line", 5);

               Console.WriteLine("Starting script file: " + filePath);

                // Run script file.
                powerShell.AddScript("C:\test\test1.ps1").AddCommand("Out-String").AddParameter("Stream", true);
                var scriptOutput = new PSDataCollection();
                scriptOutput.DataAdded += (sender, args) =>
                        // Stream script output to console.
                        foreach (var item in scriptOutput.ReadAll())
                powerShell.Invoke(null, scriptOutput);

As a reference, the above code snippet is from the debugger API sample code on msdn at https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsdesktop/windows-powershell-f5c03f2d/sourcecode?fileid=98475&pathid=297240411, the only difference is that instead of doing an in-proc local runspace, my code is trying to create a remote runspace to localhost. This sample works fine(meaning bp can be hit and callback can be triggered) with local runspace, but here I would like to make it work for remote runspace, coz obviously it works on powershell console(v5) as I mentioned at the beginning.

Is there anything wrong or missed from my above implementation?

Thanks and appreciate with you help!

I think you’re probably outside the scope of what a lot of folks here are experimenting with, particularly for a technology preview. I’ve not seen any discussions from folks looking to deal with the shell’s new features from a host application perspective :(.