Powershell with logmein rescue

I have been trying to run powershell scripts on remote machines not in a domain, AD or server. They are stand alone machines ranging from xp sp3 to the current win 8. We use logmein recue technician but I like to automate some task but I can not get my scripts to run or I don’t even know how to set this up because all the books and references to this are setting up powershell through like RDP or already set up in a Enterprise. I am aware of the executionpolicy restriction but my main which I can by pass but my concern is the how to and setting up logmein ps to run on remote machines and give me an output of the results.

Don has a good free ebook on remoting. Find it here https://powershell.org/newsletter/. That would be where I would start.
If you want to run PowerShell on the remote machine through the logmein window that should just require PowerShell to be installed and the execution policy set (not require remoting).
If you want to setup [potentially] lots of machines for remoting, Don’s book will talk through the options and configuration for each. You can then write your automation that uses PS remoting.