powershell remoting

i am trying to create one remote session from PC1 to PC2 , both are domain joined ,and under same domain ,i have turned on the solicited remote assistance for pc1 and pc2 in group policy , and winrm has been turned on for pc1 and pc2 , executionpolicy has been changed to unrestricted . but when i am trying to new-pssession ,or enter-pssession servername from pc1 , it is not working ,

the error is “new-pssession”[local host] connecting to remote server local host failed with the following error message :the client can not connect to the destination specified in the request , verify that the service on the destination is running and is accepting requests , consult the logs and documentation for WS-management service running on the destination , most commonly IIS or WinRM ,if the destination is the WinRM service ,run the following command on the destination to analyze and configure the WinRm service :winrm quickconfig"

i have followed the instruction ,and run the winrm quickconfig

but i get those below

winrm service is already running on this machine.
            message=unable to check the status of the firewall.
error number :-2147024894 0X80070002
the system cannot find the file specified .

anyone can help ? really appreciate it

seems some trouble with enablinc firewall rule


You may try use Enable-PSRemoting on the PC2 (as elevated admin !)

you can enable these rules by hand