PSsession between Two machines which is not in domain

I need to get the remote of powershell from one machine to another the problem is those machines are not in domain. may i know whether it is possible to do that.

Yes, it’s possible. What error are you receiving? Have you added the remote computer to the TrustedHosts list?

It’s possible, but you can’t use the default Kerberos authentication in that scenario. Off the top of my head, I don’t remember if the PSRemoting commands automatically fall through to NTLM authentication if Kerberos isn’t avaialble, or if you have to specify it yourself by using the “-Authentication Negotiate” argument when calling New-PSSession, Invoke-Command, etc.

You’ll also either have to set up an HTTPS listener, or use the TrustedHosts list (HTTPS being the more secure option, since it authenticates the remote computer before it exposes anything related to your user credentials.) There are examples of how to do both of these in the free “Secrets of PowerShell Remoting” ebook, which you can download from .

Look for the free E-Book “A Layman’s guide to PowerShell Remoting” I believe page 43 or 34 I’m dyslexic.

Anyway it goes on to tell you how to use the winrm command line syntax to manually add a list of hosts that are allowed to remote. This PDF file was the most helpful to me for figuring out how to do it, and it does work. However I need to get around to figuring out how to add a CIDR noted IP range to it.


I’ll actually suggest the remoting book at which includes a full walk through of how to set this up.