PowerShell transcription logging error

I was trying to establish a remote session to a couple servers at my DR site and noticed I was getting this error message:

“Processing data from remote server SERVERA failed…could not find a part of path \serverB\PSLogs…”

So off to Google and I find these articles, which makes sense. But from reading these articles all my servers should be getting that error message, however it’s only two over there that I can find are having this error message and none of the servers at my primary datacenter are having the problem. I’ve combed through the event logs on both of the servers having the error and can’t find any error, even in the powershell log. I can browse the file share from the server, running effective access as the machine shows it has write permissons. Any suggestions on where to go?



What context are you running the script in? If it was running as SYSTEM, its possible you may need to allow ANONYMOUS access to the file share or Domain Computers. This seems like it would be more a Windows issue than Powershell. Does it always fail on the same servers?

Not even running a script, just trying to open up a interactive session to the server doing enter-pssession. I have the NTFS/Shre permissions set to authenticated users, and this works for all of my machines.