Enter-PSSession : The system cannot find the file specified

Hi all,

I have a server 2012 R, domain controller, with WMF 5. When I try to access it via PSRemote I get the error: Enter-PSSession : The system cannot find the file specified

I did have access to this server but it stopped about 2 weeks back. Any ideas?

Can you, from the server console, Enter-PSSession -computername localhost?

Hi Don,

Same error when I try it locally.

Have to let you know, I watch you PS best practices and PS unplugged with Mr. Snover, or rather, Sir Snover, you were rocking the Tony Stark look.

Make sure your PowerShell console is running as Administrator when you try that local connect.

If you’re getting that error locally, then Remoting is screwed up on the server. You might try running Disable-PSRemoting, and then Enable-PSRemoting, to unscrew it. However, if it remains screwed up, then it’s going to be really difficult for me to help you troubleshoot it over the Internet. I’d honestly suggest opening a product support ticket. Remoting has a lot of moving parts under the hood, and if someone’s messed with something, it can take a lot of digging to find it.

And thanks ;).

Thanx Don, disabling did not work. Would a remove and reinstall work if remoting is gone?

A remove and reinstall of WMF? I’ve no idea - it might, it might not. Something at the OS level is messed up.