Powershell toolmaking MOL code download

So last year I bought Learn Powershell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches by Don Jones and Jeffrey Hicks and have been learning great stuff from this book. However after downloading from the URL listed in the book: "You can either retype or download the script from MoreLunches.com. "
the code download is missing the part I’m really interested in: Chapters 23,24 and 25. The zip contains an empty folder for “PowerShell Studio - Ch23-24-25 - Out-GridView”.
I have written to Manning the publisher but the best they do is tell that the zip has the scripts when they download it.
I have tried downloading from numerous different locations and from different operating systems but the “PowerShell Studio - Ch23-24-25 - Out-GridView” folder is always empty when the zip file unzipped.
I’m hoping someone here, such as, perhaps one of the authors, can point me to where I can download a complete copy of the scripts. Thanks.

Manning doesn’t have the code. I’ll drop Jeff an email, though.

Same results at http://morelunches.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/tool-codelistings.zip empty folder for tool-codelistings.zip\code listings\PowerShell Studio - Ch23-24-25 - Out-GridView

I know. I checked that :). That’s the only location I have control over anyway.

Grant, Jeff and I put our heads together on this. We never wrote any numbered code listings for the GUI chapters; that folder you’re looking at was a placeholder that honestly should have been removed. We did provide listings for the labs, which are in a different download. While there’s definitely code in the chapter, none of it was so lengthy that we intended to put it into the ZIP - and all of it was partial code, meaning none of the code listings formed a full, functional solution. We tried to avoid putting partial, non standalone snippets into formal listings. So, whether that was the right decision or not, it’s the decision we made ;). Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks. You two did a great job on that book.

For the second edition please consider removing the tips in ch 24 and 25 that refer to downloads of whole projects.