PowerShell script for Office 2013 Network Installation

I need help with configuring a PowerShell script for a workplace project that will allow a network install, configure, and uninstall of Office 2013.

We have three files relevant to an Office 2013 installation. The first is a .msp file that was configured using the Office Customization Tool (OCT). This “config.msp” is set up for a silent install. The second file is a batch file, “permission.bat”, that opens the file permissions that allows the “config.msp” file to begin the silent installation. The third file is a PowerShell script that first calls the “permission.bat” and then calls the “config.msp” to begin the installation procedure.

However, we are now stuck with this project. When we convert this newly-revised Office 2013 install file as a .exe file, it does not install the software application. When double-clicked, the .exe file will just extract the Office 2013 install files to where the .exe was downloaded. We are of the understanding that we will need to add another batch file to begin the installation procedure and additional PowerShell scripts that will call on this new batch file.

Can anyone help us with this project. Constructive criticism is appreciated.


Please expand a bit more what you’re doing with the “permission.bat” and why you need to change file permissions for the installation. We’ve recently packaged Office 2013 Professional Plus for System Center Configuration Manager and we only used below command line to install using the Setup.exe included with the Office source files.

Setup.exe /adminfile config.msp