cmdlet to run .msp file remotely

hi ,

we are installating office clients on remote machines using OCT (office customization tools ) for this .msp file need to be pushed to remote machines and make them install .

i’m looking for PS script or cmdlet for the same .

thank you .

i tried executing below cmd but hangs with no time limits and errors , please suggest .

setup.exe /adminfile \server\share\mychanges\custom.msp.

What do you use to run this setup on the remote machines?

If you don’t have anything to deploy your software you’re probably best off getting something that can. Or you could use group policies to deploy the software, which still isn’t great but it’s free and you probably already have it. PowerShell wouldn’t be my tool of choice to deploy office software to a whole bunch of machines.

I reiterate Sonny’s comment that powershell would not be the tool of choice for deploying office. But that aside, if using OCT if you save the MSP in the Updates (I believe, it’s in the OCT documentation) folder in your office source files directory or administrative install directory the setup will use the MSP file as intended by just running setup.exe without the need to add any additional command line switches. The same is true for patches that you may want to install at the time of installing office.

Also take note of the double hop credential issue if you’re executing this command against remote hosts as without CredSsp authentication a network share will not be accessible.