Install Office 365 ProPlus with powershell

I have done Office 365 ProPlus installs with Office Deployment Tool (ODT) and I have bat script for is as shown in ODT overview. I would now to do it with powershell, without succeed. Exe and conf files are both on the same folder in the network share and works with bat

I have tried now these in Powershell

“\path\setup.exe” /configure “\tpath\configuration.xml”


$OfficeInstaller = '\path\setup.exe'
$OfficeArguments = '\path\configuration.xml'

Start-Process -FilePath $OfficeInstaller -ArgumentList $OfficeArguments -Wait

both of these don’t start the install of office. Next tips what to try?

Don’t know how the execution from a remote path will work. If you can have the setup available locally,

Start-Process -FilePath $OfficeInstallerLocalPath -ArgumentList ‘/configure \tpath\configuration.xml’ -Wait

Thanks for the tip!