Powershell menu , multiple choice (cli)

Hi, I have using this script found at posh:

I am trying to figure out how to use the multiple choice parameter, but am not advanced enough in Powershell to figure out how to do this. Would someone please help?

The parameter $multiplechoice is a switch parameter, so in order to call this function with that enabled you would just add “-multiplechoice” to your command line.

If the switch parameter is passed, the value of $multiplechoice is $true, if it is not, the value is $false

I didn’t mention the alternate syntax because I don’t really see when it would be useful, but you can see more in the following article.


Excellent thanks for making that clear. Would there be a way to have a checkbox (in my dreams?) to choose?
Is there a simpler way for them to choose as opposed to choosing them individually?

You’d have to code all of that yourself.

yep, just wondering if it’s possible to do any kind of checkmarks…
My limitation here is that I am working with Powershell for Web Access which does not allow popups.
I will be attending TechMentor in Redmond in August, so I hope to be improving my skills :slight_smile: