PowerShell JEA - issues with Add-ADGroupMember cmdlet

Hi, I am building a PAM request tool for the other team - it will add them temporarily to AD group being local admin on all servers they own/manage. Having created session configuration/role capability files allowing them only to execute Add-ADGroupMember cmdlet I registered session configuration and all tests were successful with this line in .psrc file.

VisibleCmdlets = ’ Add-ADGroupMember

However when I want to restrict this cmdlet to be executed only against AD group mentioned above, Add-ADGroupMember cmdlet is not longer recognized (as if it is not listed in .psrc file).

VisibleCmdlets = @{ Name = ’ Add-ADGroupMember '; Parameters = @{ Name = ’ Identity '; ValidateSet = ’ DSC_Cloud_Admins ’ }}

I do not see any syntax mistake here and according to JEA Role Capabilities - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs this should work.

Why is this happening? Thank you in advance.