Powershell Get-ADGroupMember - NotSpecified: ADGroup [Get-ADGroupMember], ADException

If I use the command

Get-ADGroupMember -Identity AD Group

it works fine.
But for some existing groups I get an error message

NotSpecified: (xxx:ADGroup) [Get-ADGroupMember], ADException

What could be the reason? I can not find anything, the group does exist in the active directory and I can see all properties with the AD console. I have some additional AD groups where I also get this error message


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You don’t share enough information to be sure about what’s happening. Please share the complete code and the complete error message (both formatted as code please)

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Sorry, but this is the complete code, it’s just the command

Get-ADGroupMember -Identity ecrh | select -ExpandProperty Name
NotSpecified: (ecrh:ADGroup) [Get-ADGroupMember], ADException

For the most of our AD groups this command works fine, but for some I get a error message.
But all groups exists in the AD and are working fine.

just to show you, I created a new AD group and it works fine:

Get-ADGroupMember -Identity ecrh-neu | select -ExpandProperty Name

I’ve never seen such an error message before. Sorry, I have no idea. Do you run this query on a server or from a client? Did you try it on another client? Did you try to use quotes for the group name?

I also never seen such an error message before. I run the command from my admin pc within our network. I did not tried other clients. Because for the most of the other groups it’s working fine, I think it’s not a problem of the client. I guess it’ts a problem of the AD group, but if I compare the properties with a group whichs works fine, I can not see any differerence.

Could this be relevant?

I find out now, if there is in the group a member from another domain within the forest the probleme ocure.
But in my case these members are still valid and active. I do not understand why poweshell can not find then the group.

Within the AD I can see and handle these members without problems.