Powershell Icon

Running Win7 on laptop,
There are days a have 10+ powershell console windows open. A few are the shell but others are windowed output from out-gridview or get-help -showwindow. All these have have the same icon when I cycle around the windows [Alt-Tab] switching. Wasting time looking for the right window when all I have is the icon.
Anyone have a PS way to make the console window have a different Icon than the windows output?

Not really, no, I don’t think so - that’s coded in the manifest of PowerShell.exe, which is the ConHost application.


Consider to use PowerShell ISE instead.

  • Only one taskbar icon.
  • Open multiple PowerShell consoles within the ISE (Ctrl+T).
  • Each PowerShell console can have multiple scripts opened (Ctrl+N).
  • Get syntax highlighting and Intellisense in the console and script editor.
  • etc.


Right click the taskbar in WIndows 7 select properties.
The 2nd drop down on the screen that says always combine . . .
Change that to combine only when full

That may help some. Also you could use Windows Key tab to get the preview of each and tab through them until you find the one you want to close.



Get-Process | Where-Object {$_.StartTime} | Sort-Object StartTime -Descending | Select-Object ProcessName,Id,StartTime | Format-Table -AutoSize

You could sort them by the order of most recently opened