Powershell Editors

I started a thread a while ago about what editors people used. I’ve just switched from PowerSE to PowerGUI, as the former crashed a lost mode than I’d like - and I was never able to send the diagnostics from the crashes through to the DevFarm people.

PowerGUI has a good rep with another Powersheller here …Â I have high hopes.

Any others out there? Apart from PowerISE, of course.


SAPIEN has both PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio, and Idera has PowerShellPlus. All have their fans. I quite like PowerShell Studio’s editor; I like the console environment of PowerShellPlus, but since the v3 ISE improved its own console so much, I’ve been tending to use that in classes since it’s built in.

I use PowerGUI and really like it, but I’ve always eyed PowerShell Studio. Â I’m pretty cheap though and just not sure if shelling out the cash for it would be worth it for me. Â The GUI forms is nice and I’d probably use it…