Build GUI in Power Shell

i Want to turn my Scripts into GUI

So Please , Give me a Tut. or a book that can help me to do that

i searched online but i didn’t find what i want , i just can do simple thing like

and some other stuff

but i didn’t find resource to learn all about that

so please if any one know a good tut. or a book send it to me

i want to write the GUI by my self not using editors like VisualStudio or any other Editor

just using ISE

Thanks in Advance ,

If you just want to use ISE you have to know the syntax of Windows Presentation Foundation and write XAML yourself. This is like writing html with notepad: it is possible but no one would do that.

Why not use Visual Studio Express Edition? Its much easier.
Here is a tutorial:

Or PowerShell Studio

Thank you Hermann Lüpfert for your answer

actually i want to learn ,not just do easy stuff

at fact when i design website i use notepad as editor for my html/css/js :smiley:

i find my pleasure in building things from scratch

in this moment i am designing a gui and i find it so close to HTML/CSS/JS but with more option but i still don’t know every thing

so if you can give me a tut. or book and let me take my decision of using ISE or Visual Stdio or any other Editors by my self when i check it out i will be so happy

Thank you again for your answer

Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches (978-1617291166) has three chapters on GUI tool making. I’d recommend starting there.

Using one of the tools Hermann suggested expedites your learning because you have Intelli-sense to help you understand what properties and methods objects have. With a tool you learn everything an object is capable of. With notepad, you only learn about the one thing that the tutorial or book is teaching you.

I would definitely recommend Sapien Powershell Studio. My largest project has almost 9000 lines of code, and I only wrote about 1000 of them. You will need to purchase a license eventually, but it has saved me a lot of work building GUI tools for AD and Exchange administration. I tried Visual Studio about a year and a half ago, and gave up in frustration, and fortunately, I was able to get my company to pay for PSS.

Yep i would go with Ron on this, Sapien Powershell is great, it fills in most of the fluff for you. Still lots to learn with this

I second that recommendation.

Stephen Owen wrote a good series on developing GUI Tools:

Thank you All for your replies

i will take it in my consideration , and i think i am so lucky that all of you answerd my question :slight_smile:

Thank you again

Try System Frontier for those times when you’ve got an awesome script but don’t have time to design a GUI. It will dynamically build a web GUI for you, no HTML needed. You get extra security in that the user who runs your script doesn’t have to be an admin on the target machine(s) and everything, including the script output, is logged for auditing purposes. Plus when you make changes, there’s no code to deploy to your users.

Super easy to setup and it’s free for 5 nodes.