Accessible PowerShell Editors

Being a blind IT professional, I was naturally excited by the possibilities of using a console again. However, although the default PowerShell console is accessible using screen readers, I was incredibly disappointed to discover that both PowerShell ISE and PSWA are inaccessible using most screen readers. could someone suggest other editors that offer the same or similar benefits to ISE that might be more usable with screen readers? I do try using the PowerShell Toolkit in Visual Studio 2013, but it certainly lacks quite a bit in comnparison with ISE. Anyone know of a good contact to give feedback on the accessibility (or otherwise) of ISE and PSWA? Many thanks.

Hi David,

I’d maybe also take a look at Sapien PrimalScript to see if this works better. If you are also finding this to be lacking for accessibility as well, give them a tweet @SapienTech. They’re a really really helpful group of people and are always interested in comments and feature suggestions.

Why not drop Jeffrey Snover a tweet as well (@JSnover)? Jeffrey and his PowerShell team really take the time to listen and respond to peoples feedback and comments, and I’m certain they’d welcome feedback such as this.



Tim, in my opinion this is a inefficient way to give feedback to Jeffrey and his team. Better is to use connect:

Microsoft Connect for PowerShell

In this way the request gets registered, and it’s trackable.

I’d combine the two FWIW.